What is HackIllinois?

HackIllinois is a 36-hour, student-run collegiate hackathon that focuses on making the open source community more accessible to college students. HackIllinois happens in February every year and brings in over 1,100 students from around the country.

How do Hackers at HackIllinois work on Open Source?

The HackIllinois Staff works hard to bring in mentors from different open source projects to help students get started on contributing to OSS. These mentors work alongside hackers to make pull requests, solve issues, and create features with popular open source software.

How do I get involved with HackIllinois?

If you’re a mentor or a company, feel free to email contact@hackillinois.org to learn more about how you can get involved with the event. If you’re a hacker, look out for our application that’ll open up as the event approaches!



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