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For the HackIllinois team, open source never stops. This past Tuesday, we hosted a Hack Night focused on contributing to open source. Hack Nights are an opportunity for students at UIUC to work on open source projects with peers, professors, and lead engineers. For our first Hack Night, we invited the developers of the Illinois Queue team to host a workshop and help students to improve the Queue - one of Illinois’s latest open source projects. The Queue is a campus wide tool used by classes to keep track of students waiting for office hours.

The Night

Nathan Walters, Genna Helsel, and Professor Wade Fagen Ulmschneider from the Queue development team started off the night by giving a short tutorial on how to get started, and then it was off to the races as the students at the HackNight started claiming issues and making PRs. After just 2 hours of work, there were 5 Pull Requests made and 4 new Issues logged for the project! PRs made:

Our goal with Hack Nights is to encourage continuous open source contribution throughout the year - especially on projects that are relevant to the community here at Illinois. Of course, this was the first of many Hack Nights and just a start for the larger community of Illinois Open Source. Stay tuned for more updates and, as always, keep on contributing!

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